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14 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Google Devices We Like

Google started its Cyber Monday deals early, and the price cuts are strong. Pixel phones, Pixel Buds wireless earbuds, and smart home gadgets we like are seeing substantial discounts—even devices that launched barely a month ago. 

Updated on November 27, 2022, at 10:30 pm. We've checked the prices and links on these deals.

WIRED's Cyber Monday CoverageCyber Monday is over. Read 200+ Best Cyber Monday Deals Still Going Strong (as of November 29) for more deals. We hope our guides helped you sift through the sales madness and find great WIRED-Recommended products. Check our Holiday Buying Guides for gift ideas.

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We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We'll update this guide throughout Cyber Monday.

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Pixel Phone DealsGoogle Pixel 7 Android Smartphone for $499 ($100 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

Google's most recent flagship phone, the Pixel 7 (8/10, WIRED Recommends), has barely been out for a month, but it's already on sale. That's impressive since one of the biggest things we like about it is the low price in the first place. At $600, it's the best value you can find in the Android world. But now, the Pixel 7 is $100 off. You get speedy performance, a 90-Hz screen, wireless charging, daylong battery life, one of the best cameras on a smartphone, and plenty of helpful smart features you'll use every day (which you can read more about here).

Google Pixel 7 Pro Android Smartphone for $749 ($150 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

There's also the Pixel 7 Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends), which adds a few perks over the standard Pixel 7, namely a 120-Hz screen refresh rate, a truly fantastic 5X optical zoom camera, a Macro mode for taking close-up shots, and slightly longer battery life. That's without mentioning the larger 6.7-inch screen, which is better for anyone who prefers more screen real estate.  These Pixels also come with five years of security updates, which is some of the best you'll find on Android, though the three years of OS updates policy isn't as good as what Samsung offers.

Google Pixel 6A Android Smartphone for $299 ($150 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

If you don't want to spend nearly as much on a smartphone, then get the Pixel 6A (8/10, WIRED Recommends), which is our favorite smartphone for most people. This more budget-conscious handset still produces some of the best photos for the price, and you get a bright AMOLED display, daylong battery life, speedy performance, and five years of security updates. (Plus, many of the smart software features Pixels are known for.) You sacrifice a few bells and whistles like wireless charging or a higher screen refresh rate, but for the price, it's a steal.

Pixel Accessory DealsGoogle Pixel Buds A-Series Wireless Earbuds for $64 ($35 off)AmazonTarget (Out of Stock)Best Buy

The Pixel Buds A-Series (8/10, WIRED Recommends) perform just as well as Apple's standard AirPods (if not better), and they're way cheaper to boot, especially now. They work seamlessly with Android phones, as they'll instantly pair and have easy access to Google Assistant (though they'll work with iPhones with some limitations). You get crystal clear sound, sweat resistance, and touch-sensitive buttons on the buds for music control. The five-hour battery life isn't great, but it's easier to stomach at this price. The case only recharges using USB-C and doesn't have wireless charging.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds for $150 ($50 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

Step things up with the Pixel Buds Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends), which are super comfortable wireless earbuds to wear, have even better sound (especially bass), and sit in a case that supports wireless charging. Battery life is a little longer here—seven hours—and the active noise canceling does a decent job of silencing the clatter of the outside world. There's also a transparent mode to let ambient sounds in so you're more aware of your surroundings. 

Google Pixel Watch Wear OS Smartwatch for $300 ($50 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

Google's Pixel Watch is the company's first smart wearable. It misses some key features at launch, like SpO2 sensing, auto workout detection, and fall detection (coming soon), but it's a gorgeous smartwatch that is really comfortable and is accurate at tracking the health and fitness basics—heart rate tracking plus electrocardiograms. Its responsive interface lets you keep track of notifications and respond to messages, even phone calls. Unfortunately, battery life is lackluster, and it charges slowly, so battery life will constantly be top of mind. It only works with Android phones.

Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen Wireless Charger for $59 ($20 off)

Got a Pixel phone? Snag this wireless charger, which is rated to fast-charge Pixels without having to plug in a cable. It's pricey, but it has other neat tricks too. It can automatically turn on Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes on Pixel phones, which will silence notifications for uninterrupted sleep. You can have your screen turn into a digital photo frame or show smart-home controls, just like a smart display. When the sun comes up, it will try to mimic the glow of the sunrise to gently wake you up before the alarm goes off.

Smart Home DealsGoogle Nest Cam (Battery) for $120 ($60 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

The Nest Cam (Battery) is one of our top picks for outdoor security cameras, particularly if you want to stick to the Google Assistant ecosystem. It has a simple magnetic mounting plate and its battery will last a little more than a month before needing a recharge. The 1080p quality is pretty great, even when night vision kicks on in low light. A Nest Aware subscription isn't required, but it adds a few helpful features. There's a version with a floodlight for $190 ($90 off), and the corded version of this Nest Cam (for indoors) is also on sale for $70 ($30 off).

Google Nest Thermostat for $90 ($40 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

The latest-generation Nest Thermostat can control your heating and central air, and it learns your patterns over time to intelligently adjust the temperature as needed. In some cases, it can help cut down on energy costs by turning your systems off when you're not at home while getting your house back to a comfortable temperature before you return.

Google Chromecast With Google TV 4K for $40 ($10 off)AmazonTargetBest Buy

The Chromecast With Google TV (8/10, WIRED Recommends) finally brought the Chromecast in line with other streaming sticks that have a physical remote and a full TV interface. It's one of the easiest streaming sticks (well, dongle really) to use, and we particularly like that you can add movies or TV shows to your watch list from Google search results and they'll show up in the Chromecast's interface. If your TV isn't a 4K set and only has 1080p resolution, consider Google's new HD version which is also on sale for $20 ($10 off).

Google Nest Hub Smart Display for $50 ($50 off)TargetBest Buy

The Nest Hub (7/10, WIRED Recommends) makes a great centerpiece for a smart home. It can show calendar events and reminders, display the video from smart doorbells, and even control other smart devices. You can do all of this by tapping the screen or asking Google Assistant to do it for you. The assistant is also great at answering random queries you might have, like how much whiskey you should use for a whiskey sour. There's no camera, so it's nice for more private areas like bedrooms.

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display for $164 ($65 off)TargetBest Buy

The Nest Hub Max (8/10, WIRED Recommends) has a camera, so you can use it for video calls on Google Meet and Zoom, among other platforms. The larger screen size here makes it great for the kitchen, where you can use it to follow along with recipes.

Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker for $18 ($32 off)WalmartTarget ($20)

The trend of smart speakers dropping to bargain bin prices during the holidays continues. Google's second-gen Nest Mini (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of the easiest ways to get started with a smart home. You can use it to set timers, play music, and control smart-home gadgets like your lights or thermostat. These little pucks are much more than half off right now, making it almost impulse territory to pick up a few for all the rooms of your house.

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker for $50 ($50 off)TargetWalmart

The cheapest smart speakers are usually good for quick voice commands, but if you want to really enjoy your music, you can step up to something like this Nest Google Audio speaker (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It's got better audio than the Nest Mini, and at this price, it's not much more expensive than one either.

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