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11 Great Deals on Sex Toys, Breast Pumps, and Smart Lights

It's almost Fall! Inarguably the absolute best season. The leaves are going to start changing, it's going to get cooler, and there'll be delightfully gray skies and drizzle. Or depending on where you live, there'll be way darker gray skies, or blue skies and sunshine all year round. Either way, we're closing the door on summer with some great deals we've searched, scrounged, and scavenged from all over the internet.

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Sex Toy DealsLelo Enigma Suction Vibrator for $149 ($50 off)Lelo

The Enigma is a 2-in-1 toy that has a vibrator for internal stimulation on one end and a suction toy on the other. It can be a little intense, but if you're looking for something new, or a blended orgasm experience, it's a great pick. It's flexible, so it can fit most bodies, and it's curved to make sure the vibrations reach all the right places.

Lovehoney Boost Reversible Stroker for $3 ($7 off)Lovehoney

This little stroker is a great travel toy. It's super small and easy to stuff into a pocket in your luggage, plus it's reversible so you get two different sensations in one toy. The size also makes it super easy to keep clean. If you're new to strokers this is also an approachable pick and will work with a phallus of any size.

Lovehoney Easy Squeezy Soft Packer for $7 ($8 off)Lovehoney

Packers can get expensive, but this one from Lovehoney is a super-soft packer that won't break the bank. It's small enough to fit in most pocketed briefs, but also big enough that most pairs of underwear will hold it in place. 

Lovehoney Plug-In Wand Vibrator for $36 ($84 off)Lovehoney

Sometimes you don't want to worry about charging your toys. Having one die on you is such a disappointing experience. With a plug-in wand, you never have to worry about that happening. Honestly, it's nice to have the option, in case you're anything like me and you've forgotten to charge your toys and every single one is dead. With this thing, you just plug it in and go.

Breast Pump Deals

Read our Best Breast Pump guide and our tips on shopping for a breast pump for more information and options.

Willow Go Wearable Breast Pump for $280 ($70 off)AmazonTargetWalmartWillow

The Willow Go (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite wearable pump. It's easy to see the cups while you're wearing it, so you know when it's full, and you can use it with most bras and tops. We also like that it's dishwasher-safe, and the pieces are big enough to easily be cleaned by hand too. You just don't want to bend over while wearing this pump or it'll spill from the opening. It also can't be used to store the milk when you're done. You'll need a bag or bottle ready.

Willow 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump for $400 ($150 off)AmazonWillowTarget ($440)Walmart ($440)

Willow's 3.0 pump (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is our upgrade pick. It's expensive, but it has nice features like app tracking so you know the exact number of ounces being pumped—you can't see the cups while you pump the Go above. It also suctions itself onto the breast to create a latch and switches from stimulation to expression on its own.

Sun Protection and Smart Light Deals

We have a sun protection guide with more clothing and accessories to consider. Also, read our Best Smart Lights guide if you're planning on some Halloween decor.

Solbari Luxe Full Zip Hoodie for $77 ($8 off)—Use Code SAVE10SolbariAmazon ($81)

Enter code SAVE10 on Solbari's website to get this discount. If you spend over $120, use code SUNSAFE for more off. This UPF 50+ hoodie is lightweight and breathable so you can get sun protection without burning up.

Solbari Hand Covers for Sensitive Skin for $32 ($3 off)—Use Code SAVE10Solbari

Enter code SAVE10 or SUNSAFE, depending on how much you're spending. My hands are super sensitive, and these UPF 50 covers offered enough protection without constriction. 

Coolibar Savannah Sun Blanket for $15 ($14 off)Coolibar

This deal is only for select colors, but there's a good mix of basic and fun options. Coolibar's UPF 50 blanket is a must for picnics or any kind of outdoor event, like sitting on the bleachers watching a game. Just drape it over your legs or shoulders to keep your skin shaded from the sun's rays without having to layer on clothes. It won't add much weight to your bag, but it will keep you comfortable when you need it.

Govee Smart LED Bulb Four-Pack for $28 ($12 off)—Clip the CouponAmazon

Clip the coupon on the page to see the discount. This Govee smart bulb is a good addition to your smart home, especially if you're already in the Govee ecosystem (or plan to expand to it). They feature a wide variety of colors and even work with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. Read our Best Govee Smart Lighting Kits for more recommendations.

Govee Glide Hexa Pro 3D Panels for $170 ($30 off)—Clip the CouponAmazon

Clip the coupon on the page to see the discount. If you're looking for something a little different, Govee's Glide Hexa Pro panels will absolutely electrify your lighting situation. You do need to plan out your pattern before you stick it up on your wall, but the Govee app makes it pretty easy. They can sync to your music, or you can integrate them into your gaming setup with Razer's Synapse app.

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