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How Scientists Are Cleaning Up Rivers Using Grasses and Oysters

This story originally appeared on Yale Environment 360 and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.On a recent summer morning near Camden, New Jersey,...

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‘Plastitar’ Is the Unholy Spawn of Oil Spills and Microplastics

On the east coast of Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands, stretches Playa Grande, with its clear waters and fine sand. Clamber up...


The Bold Gamble to Make 'Halo Infinite' Last Forever

It was after his colleagues had battled it out as super soldiers that Tom French thought of the good old days. In the hallways...

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An Ancient Battle Is Playing Out in the DNA of Every Embryo

For nearly three days after a sperm meets an egg, the human embryo (a tiny, eight-cell blob) is managed by the egg’s genes. On...

Where to Find Those Free N95 Face Masks

The Biden administration's free mask program is officially underway, with plans to hand out 400 million N95 masks distributed to pharmacies and community health...

Autonomous Driving Goes Into High Gear

ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Have a Nice Future, Gideon Lichfield and Lauren Goode talk to Chris Urmson, CEO of the self-driving-truck company Aurora....

Here’s What You Can Expect at CES 2023

After going remote at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, CES returned to Las Vegas in 2022 for a hybrid experience. Many companies opted...

What Twitter’s Move to Shutter Offices Signals for Big Tech

Twitter executives can currently travel the world by globe-trotting among the company’s 38 offices, from San Francisco, Sydney, and Seoul to New Delhi, London,...


44 Relaxing Cyber Monday Beauty and Self-Care Deals

Self-Care means something different to everyone. It could involve long bubble baths and face masks, or it might be time spent playing games, reflecting...

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