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China Built Your iPhone. Will It Build Your Next Car?

Rumors of an Apple electric car project have long excited investors and iPhone enthusiasts. Almost a decade after details of the project leaked, the...

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Some (Kinda) Good Climate News: 2 Degrees Is Doable

For all the less-than-encouraging news about climate change—rapid sea-level rise, the land itself transforming, serious trouble brewing under Antarctic glaciers—we’ve been getting plenty of...


The New Dungeons & Dragons Movie Plays Like Your Best D&D Game

Any time a movie studio tries to adapt a beloved property, it plays a dangerous game: one where they could win millions of dollars...

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Meta’s Tricky Quest to Protect Your Account

the threat of Facebook account takeovers always looms, whether they’re caused by attacks that steal users’ login credentials or hacks that, say, compromise users’...

The Cloud Is a Prison. Can the Local-First Software Movement Set Us Free?

A few years ago, the discussion forum Hacker News, where engineers collectively decide what other engineers should read, developed a quirk. A new phrase...

ChatGPT Now Has an iPhone App

If you’ve searched for “ChatGPT” in Apple’s App Store since the chatbot launched six months ago, you may have discovered some of the dozens...

The 40 Best Cyber Monday Deals at Target

Tech gadgets galore, and a whole lot more can be found at Target. A favorite stop for weary parents, Target does a little of...

Amazon Makes the Cheapest Kindle Even Better

The differences between Amazon's Kindle e-readers used to be stark. The cheapest base model had paltry storage, bitsy battery life, and a slow, low-resolution...


A Clever Honeypot Tricked Hackers Into Revealing Their Secrets

For the past three years, hapless cybercriminals trying to steal data or deploy malware have been stumbling upon a virtual machine hosted in the...

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