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Extreme Heat Is Becoming More Dangerous for Farmworkers

This story originally appeared on Mother Jones and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.In the fertile plains of Washington state’s Yakima Valley, maximum...

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12 Great Weekend Deals on Smol iPads, TVs, and Theraguns

Whether you're yearning for a larger screen to enjoy the latest episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds or a new monitor so you...


Forcing WhatsApp and iMessage to Work Together Is Doomed to Fail

The newest law designed to rein in Big Tech aims to make all your favorite messaging apps work seamlessly together. Sounds great, right? Well,...

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China’s ChatGPT Opportunists—and Grifters—Are Hard at Work

Competition for jobs is fierce in China right now. After he graduated from college with a business major earlier this year, David struggled to...

Facebook Is Still Letting Russia Interfere in Politics

Nicolae Fratea is on a mission to purge his Facebook timeline of weird political adverts. Every couple of days, he’s presented with accounts that,...

How A British Teen’s Death Changed Social Media

Ian Russell’s mind was still reeling when he sat at the family computer back in 2017. His 14-year-old daughter, Molly, had just died from...

Genetically Modified Houseplants Are Coming to Clean Your Air

At an old shoe factory on the outskirts of Paris, new life is taking shape. Behind a heavy door, a bank of PCR machines...

AI Desperately Needs Global Oversight

Every time you post a photo, respond on social media, make a website, or possibly even send an email, your data is scraped, stored,...


A Move for 'Algorithmic Reparation' Calls for Racial Justice in AI

Forms of automation such as artificial intelligence increasingly inform decisions about who gets hired, is arrested, or receives health care. Examples from around the...

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