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How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password

A good host always shares Wi-Fi with visitors, but explaining which network to join and spelling out the password (if you can even remember it) can get tedious. Maybe you think you remember it but it’s just not working, and you insist your guest must be typing it in wrong. Then it hits you: You’ve been reciting your email password. Hey, it can happen to anyone.

There’s a much easier way to bestow Wi-Fi connectivity to your guests. If your router offers the option of creating a guest network, which we recommend because it helps you maintain a more secure Wi-Fi network, then that’s the password you should give them. Either way, here’s how to share Wi-Fi access quickly and easily on different devices.

How to Share Your Wi-Fi on iPhone, iPad, or Mac 

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords between Apple devices is very easy, but your visitor needs to be listed in your Contacts with their email address and vice versa. Once you're in each other's Contacts list, make sure that iPhones and iPads are on the newest iOS and that Macs are on macOS High Sierra or later. Here’s how to share your Wi-Fi password between Apple devices:

Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices, ensure Personal Hotspot is turned off, and make sure their device is unlocked and nearby.Your device should be connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to share. (Switch over to the guest network if that's what you're sharing.)Have your guest select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available options on their device.You will get a pop-up message on your device asking whether you want to share your Wi-Fi password.Tap Share Password and Done.How to Share Your Wi-Fi on Android

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With Android devices, you can use a QR code to share Wi-Fi details, provided the phones or tablets in question are running Android 10 or later. Here’s how:

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Make sure your device is connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to share and go to Settings, then Network and Internet (it might be called Connections depending on your device), then Wi-Fi.Tap on the cog next to your Wi-Fi network.Tap the Share icon on the right and you should see a QR code on the screen. (You may have to authenticate this action.)Have your guest scan the QR code. You can scan QR codes using the regular Camera app with most phones, including iPhones. If your guest has an Android phone, head to Settings, Connections (or Network and Internet), then Wi-Fi on their phone. Scroll down to find where it says Add Network; next to it, you'll see a QR code icon. Tap on it and they can now quickly scan the code.Scanning the code should automatically connect the device.How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password on Windows

Microsoft used to allow you to automatically share your Wi-Fi details with contacts through something called Wi-Fi Sense, but it was scrapped due to security concerns. Sadly, there’s now no quick and easy way to share a Wi-Fi password from a Windows device. All I can show you is how to find your Wi-Fi password in Windows:

Click on the Windows icon, then the Settings gear icon on the left, and choose Network & Internet.Make sure you're on the Status tab at the top left, then choose Network and Sharing Center.Click on your network where it says Connections: Wi-Fi [your network name]. (This won't work if you're connected via Ethernet.)Choose Wireless Properties in the pop-up window.Select the Security tab and tick the Show characters box under the Network security key.Have your guest pick the right network on their device and type in the password you found.

Now that you’ve hooked your guests up, read our guides on how to make your Wi-Fi faster and how to secure it.

Reece Rogers contributed reporting.

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