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18 Best Presidents’ Day Sales on Mattresses We Like

Holidays like Presidents’ Day are always a reliable time to find a lower-priced mattress. Among the Gear team here at WIRED, we've tested dozens of mattresses and have a few good options for all sleeping positions and preferences. Below are the deals we've found on mattresses we like. 

Mattresses are one of those products that appear to be discounted no matter when you visit their websites, but deals events like this actually do have prices that are a bit lower. All prices are for queen-sized mattresses.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-Year Subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off). This includes unlimited access to WIRED.com and our print magazine (if you'd like). Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

What Kind of Mattress Do You Need?

Before you browse the deals, decide if you want a hybrid or an all-foam mattress. We prefer hybrids. They combine hundreds of individually wrapped springs and multiple layers of memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are usually more supportive and stay cooler throughout the night.

All-foam is what you expect from the name. They're made up of many layers of thick memory foam. If you've tried a bed in a box, especially a cheap one, you've probably slept on one of these.

Our Top Mattresses★ Best Overall: Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress for $1,699 ($250 off)—Enter PDWEEKEND250 at Checkout

Comes with two pillows

The Helix Midnight Luxe is expensive, no matter how many hundreds are stripped from its price, but it has continued to hold our top spot. In all the testing WIRED Gear editor Jeffrey Van Camp did, he fell asleep just lying on it despite the room being bright and loud. It has a plush cushion top but is medium-firm for most sleeping positions. A number of other staff members and readers have purchased this mattress and enjoyed it as well. If you're getting a mattress in a full or twin size, use codes PDWEEKEND200 or PDWEEKEND150 for a discount.

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★ Top Bargain: Allswell Hybrid Mattress for $359 ($90 off)—Enter PREZ20 at Checkout

If you need a new mattress but don't want to spend a ton, this is a good option. It's nothing special but would make a great guest-room mattress, or one for kids. The Allswell proves you don't have to spend a small fortune to sleep well on a hybrid mattress. It's medium-firm, supportive, and has better edge support than a lot of foam models, thanks to its tubing around the perimeter. 

The Luxe version of this mattress has three more layers of foam over the standard hybrid, making it a bit comfier. The Luxe is discounted to $540 ($135 off). 

Allswell Supreme for $799 ($200 off)—Enter PREZ20 at Checkout

The Allswell Supreme is more expensive than its other offerings, but it competes with $2,000 mattresses for half that. It's also a hybrid, with a firm foam layer, copper- and graphite-infused gel foam to dissipate heat, and a plush top layer. We found this to be great for pregnant people having a tough time getting comfortable during a third trimester.

Sustainable Mattress Deals★ Most Sustainable: Avocado Green Organic Hybrid Mattress for $1,439 ($160 off)—Enter SAVE10 at Checkout

This mattress is made of organic latex, wool, and cotton, without polyurethane, fire retardants, memory foam, or chemical adhesives. Avocado is also a certified B Corporation, so it's purchasing enough offsets to operate as a carbon-negative business. Economic pluses aside, the mattress is comfortable. WIRED senior reviewer Scott Gilbertson said this is the only mattress that he and his wife agree on, despite having different preferences. It's not too soft nor too firm.

For Kids: My Green Mattress Kiwi Children’s (Twin) for $637 ($112 off)—Enter SAVE15 at Checkout

The Avocado Green mattress is pricey, so if you need a twin size for a child, we suggest going with the more affordable Kiwi Mattress. It's a hybrid with certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. It's firm, but Gilbertson says his kids love it. There's an option to get a two-sided version of this as well, to extend its life, for $125 more.

Birch Natural Mattress (11-Inch) for $1,299 ($400 off)—Enter PRESDAY400 at Checkout

Comes with two pillows

This eco-friendly mattress comes from Helix, which makes our favorite mattress overall. Like the other sustainable options, it's made of natural latex and wool. It's a hybrid, with a nice bounce to it without feeling squishy. It's not as breathable as some other options, though, if you're a hot sleeper.

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress for $1,199 ($200 off)

Comes with two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector

The Awara is not quite as supportive as the Birch Natural above, but it's another option made from latex and organic wool. The price has risen since we first tested it.

More Hybrid Mattress DealsCasper Hybrid Mattress for $1,526 ($169 off)—Enter PRESDAY22 at Checkout

Choose Hybrid Foam + Springs

Casper is a popular brand for a reason. This hybrid is a good balance between soft and firm, it's breathable with just enough bounce. If you're not sure which mattress to go with, this is a good default choice. This is a good price, though the cheapest we've seen it lately was $1,116 during Black Friday.

Runner-Up: Leesa Hybrid Mattress for $1,699 ($200 off)

The Leesa is another expensive option, but it was also one of Van Camp's favorites. It wasn't quite as nice as the Helix, but it still hugged his body to sleep. It's pressure-relieving but soft, with an airy foam to keep you cool.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress for $843 ($281 off)—Enter PRESDAY25 at Checkout 

If you need a super-firm mattress, get Brooklyn Bedding's Signature Hybrid. It is very firm, so much so that we'd probably go with the medium one next time. 

All-Foam Mattress DealsLayla Two-Sided Foam Mattress (10-Inch) for $949 ($150 off) 

Comes with two pillows

Not sure if you need a soft or a firm mattress? Feel like it changes throughout the month? This one has a medium-firm side and medium-soft side, so you can try both to figure it out, or flip it whenever you feel you need it. While we prefer a hybrid, this one was perfectly comfortable to sleep on.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress (12-Inch) for $956 ($239 off)

You'll sink right into this mattress thanks to its top three inches of super-soft foam. Despite that, it's still pressure-relieving and supportive. A layer of green ceramic gel foam helps with support but also keeps it nice and cool.

Nectar Sleep Nectar Mattress (11-Inch) for $899 ($399 off)

Comes with two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector

If you sleep on your side, you might love this mattress. Its four layers of dense foam conform to your body, gently hugging you while you sleep. The company offers a “Forever Warranty.”

More DealsEight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Cover for $1,695 ($100 off)

It's hard to imagine spending this much on a cover for your mattress, but if you always feel too hot or cold but otherwise love your mattress, it might be worth it. It can heat or cool your bed's temperature to exactly what you want, and you can track your sleep. There's a backpack-sized device that sits next to your bed, so you'll need to account for that.

Our Mattress Honorable MentionsKeetsa All-Foam Tea Leaf Supreme for $1,436 ($255 off)—Enter STAYCOMFY at Checkout: WIRED reviewer Matt Jancer tested this mattress for a few months and found it to be perfectly fine for side sleeping. The top layer is made of recycled materials.The Purple Mattress for $1,274 ($125 off): Purple mattresses are outfitted with its iconic Jell-O-ey feeling square grid for softness and support. This all-foam version isn't as comfy as a hybrid, but it's still a good choice.Casper Standard Foam Mattress for $1,166 ($130 off): We prefer the Hybrid Casper listed above, but the standard one is also discounted.Leesa Original Mattress for $999 ($200 off): The standard Leesa is a lot like the Casper but a bit comfier. Also as with the Casper, we prefer the hybrid Leesa.DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress for $999 ($200 off): The DreamCloud mattress has a thick pillow top similar to the Helix Mightnight Luxe. This deal comes with pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector

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