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Which Sonos Speakers Should You Buy?

Here at WIRED, we like Sonos speakers. We really do. Throughout the past decade, we’ve reviewed all of the company’s wirelessly connectable speakers, from...

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Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder—but Memorability May Be Universal

Imagine spending a weekend afternoon with friends at an art museum: nodding with crossed arms, desperately searching for something insightful to say. The vast...


John Doerr Wants to Stop Climate Change—With OKRs

Hi, everyone. In honor of the holiday season—which we’re already in the middle of!—this is a pumpkin spice edition of Plaintext. Order soon, because...

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A Novelist and an AI Cowrote Your Next Cringe-Read

Last week, while giving a commencement speech to New York University graduates, pop star Taylor Swift offered a timely bit of advice: “No matter...

AI-Generated Music Is About to Flood Streaming Platforms

It starts with a familiar intro, unmistakably the Weeknd’s 2017 hit “Die for You.” But as the first verse of the song begins, a different...

Why Some Animals Thrive in Cities

Eat almost anything. Sleep almost anywhere. These, it seems, are the secrets to surviving in the city as a wild animal. Among the species...

A Widespread Logic Controller Flaw Raises the Specter of Stuxnet

In 2009, the computer worm Stuxnet crippled hundreds of centrifuges inside Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant by targeting the software running on the facility’s...

The EU Wants Big Tech to Scan Your Private Chats for Child Abuse

All of your WhatsApp photos, iMessage texts, and Snapchat videos could be scanned to check for child sexual abuse images and videos under newly...


This 'Fallout' TV Show Is a Terrible Idea—Unless It's a Comedy

Ever since Cats of Zero Wing delivered the oddly worded threat “all your base are belong to us” some 30 years ago, the writing...

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