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Apple Reins in ChatGPT-Powered Apps

The artificial intelligence incursion has made its way to the App Store. BlueMail, an app that uses AI to write emails and manage people’s...

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Bankrupt Crypto Companies Are Fighting Over a Dwindling Pot of Money

The liquidator of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is trying to retrieve nearly $4 billion for creditors—from another bankrupt crypto firm. After a hearing on...


Spotify Has an AI Music Problem—but Bots Love It

If a song is created by artificial intelligence and listened to by a bot, was it even heard at all? It’s a problem music-streaming companies...

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All the Cyber Monday Deals on Subscription Services

Subscription services are the gifts that keep on giving. Whether you want monthly boxes with fun activities or treats for your kids or fur...

Is a Parking-Free Future Possible?

ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Have a Nice Future, Gideon Lichfield and Lauren Goode discuss how parking has shaped the American city with writer...

The 61 Best Cyber Monday Deals for $50 or Less

Cyber Monday Overspending is way too tempting. “Add to Cart” here, “Expedited Shipping” there, and suddenly the frenzy takes over, leaving you with a...

An Apple Store Votes to Unionize for the First Time

Apple retail employees have won their first US union. After the tally concluded late Saturday night, workers in Towson, Maryland, had voted 65–33 to...

DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Browser Finally Lands on Desktop

When Google launched Chrome back in 2008, it changed the web overnight. Since then the web browser has become almost unstoppable: Chrome is one...


How to Stream MLB Baseball This Year

Pop quiz! Each MLB team plays 162 games a year, not counting preseason games or specials, like the All-Star Game. And there are 30...

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