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How to Organize Your Life as a Couple

The last few years have been pretty messy. With the world succumbing to a viral plague, the climate crisis getting worse, and me moving...

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Here Comes a Bomb Cyclone to Ruin Christmas

Crazy cold temperatures, heavy snow, and strong winds are coming just in time for the holidays, all thanks to a bomb cyclone. It’s a...


A Leaked Memo Shows TikTok Knows It Has a Labor Problem

Last month, a court in Kenya issued a landmark ruling against Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram. The US tech giant was, the court...

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Tech Volunteers Rush to Save Turkey’s Earthquake Survivors

Furkan Kılıç and Eser Özvataf woke in Istanbul on the morning of February 6 to news of the earthquake that had left huge areas...

The Shocking Success of 'Barbie'

Barbenheimer—the one-two punch releases of Barbie and Oppenheimer—will go down in history as an astonishing success. Together, Variety reports, the films made more than...

Coming Soon: More Ways to Be Yourself in the Metaverse

The limitless variety of fashion items, skin colors, body shapes, hair styles and other options for digital identities on today’s immersive platforms already allow...

Wanted: Dead Birds and Bats, Felled by Renewables

This story originally appeared on Undark and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration."This is one of the least smelly carcasses,” said Todd Katzner,...

The Entirely Predictable Impact of Salary Transparency

On March 8, companies in the UK jumped on social media to promote themselves during International Women’s Day—posting about how strong and inspiring their...


How to Migrate Your Newsletter From Substack to Buttondown

Maybe you don't want to give 10 percent of your revenue to a venture-backed Silicon Valley company. Or maybe you don't trust a venture-backed...

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