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Australia's Standoff Against Google and Facebook Worked—Sort Of

Over Zoom, Australia’s communications minister, Paul Fletcher, has the air of a man in the middle of a victory speech. He credits his team...

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Samsung’s Moon Shots Force Us to Ask How Much AI Is Too Much

Have you heard the moon conspiracy theory? No, not the one about the moon landings. It’s about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the...


Meta Tries to Break the End-to-End Encryption Deadlock

After years of tech companies and police fumbling and clashing over end-to-end encryption, Meta this week brandished a new tool in its arsenal that...

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The 84 Absolute Best Prime Day Deals

Amazon is Back with a second Prime Day this October. Technically, it's called the Prime Early Access Sale, but let's be real—it's Prime Day...

Substack Is Now a Playground for the Deplatformed

What do Alex Berenson, Bari Weiss, and Glenn Greenwald have in common? They’ve all railed against being deplatformed—be it a Twitter ban or the...

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Is Pure Fanfic

One scene in Marvel’s latest offering, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will surely dominate the conversation about the movie for weeks. If...

An Abandoned Arctic Military Base Just Spilled a Scientific Secret

In 1959, the United States began construction of a real-life version of the frozen Echo Base from The Empire Strikes Back. The plan for...

Apple Tracks You More Than You Think

Cybersecurity startup Corellium offered or sold its software to spyware and hacking-tool creators in multiple repressive countries, a WIRED investigation revealed this week. A previously...


These Companies Are Already Living in Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

Facebook’s metaverse, or Meta’s metaverse, isn’t just being touted as a better version of the internet—it’s being hailed as a better version of reality....

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