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The Android 12 Privacy Settings You Should Update Now

Google released the first public version of its Android 12 operating system toward the end of October—but not for everyone. It rolled out on...


Worried About Nuclear War? Consider the Micromorts

What is the chance that your hobby will kill you? This isn’t something you need to think about if you’re into, say, knitting, but...

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A Rape Survivor Gave Police Her DNA. They Linked Her to Another Crime

In 2016, a rape survivor voluntarily provided her DNA to San Francisco law enforcement officers so that her attacker might be brought to justice....

Elon Musk Has Fired Twitter’s ‘Ethical AI’ Team

Not long after Elon Musk announced plans to acquire Twitter last March, he mused about open sourcing “the algorithm” that determines how tweets are...

A TikTok Army Is Coming for Union Busters

Elise Joshi was scrolling through Twitter’s standard rage-bait late one night in February when she saw a Tweet that galled her enough to take...

Elevator-Pitch Horror Is Here to Stay

It’s been creeping up for a while now, an old breed of horror. A movie here, another there. But now, in 2022, the time...

How Humanity Can Avoid an AI Takeover

ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Have a Nice Future, Gideon Lichfield and Lauren Goode talk to Daron Acemoglu, institute professor at MIT, about his...


Energy Firms Are Going ‘Green’ by Offloading Dirty Coal Plants

In April 2021 Anna Borg, the CEO of energy giant Vattenfall, addressed a virtual crowd of business leaders and politicians at US president Joe...

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