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How Do You Know a Cargo Ship Is Polluting? It Makes Clouds

If you have a habit of perusing satellite imagery of the world’s oceans—and who doesn’t, really?—you might get lucky and spot long, thin clouds,...

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The Last Word on AI and the Atom Bomb

My Big Idea came to me on a soggy August day on Long Island Sound, captive in a lifeless O’Day Mariner, knee to sweaty...


It’s Not Just Loot Boxes: Predatory Monetization Is Everywhere

Whenever a term from the world of video games enters broader society, it’s a safe bet that it’s not for a good reason. Loot...

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A Deadly Cousin of Ebola Has Flared Up in Africa

In February, a 23-year-old Tanzanian fisherman suddenly fell ill, having just returned from a busy trading outpost in the middle of Lake Victoria. Back...

Silicon Valley's Sex Censorship Harms Everyone

This story is adapted from Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech under Surveillance Capitalism , by Jillian C. YorkBardot Smith calls herself a...

22 Best Deals at Walmart's Prime Day Rival Sale

Amazon Prime Day isn't just an opportunity for Amazon to flex its muscle. Its arch-competitors get in on the action too, and Walmart has...

China’s ‘People’s Courts’ Resolve Online Disputes at Tech Firms

You can imagine how annoying this would be: A customer ordered garlic oysters from a restaurant through Chinese ecommerce giant Meituan’s delivery app, but...

Cyber Warefare Is Getting Real

In 2022, an American dressed in his pajamas took down North Korea’s internet from his living room. Fortunately, there was no reprisal against the United...


All I’ve Worn This Summer Are Technical Jorts

Among outdoorsy people, calling someone a “dirtbag” can be a term of affection. These people value climbing, surfing, or some other niche outdoor pursuit,...

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