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Hate How Hard It Is to Cancel Subscriptions? The FTC Feels You

It’s easy to get overloaded by subscription services with recurring renewal fees. But it’s typically way harder to get rid of them. Some companies...

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Jam Out To the Best Cyber Monday Headphone and Speaker Deals

Now that you're back inside all the time for the cold season, you might need a bit more audio isolation. This Cyber Monday is...


Prince Harry Says He ‘Warned’ Jack Dorsey Before the Capitol Riots

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, revealed at the RE:WIRED conference today that he had emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey prior to the Capitol...

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Why Scientists Are Clashing Over the Atlantic’s Critical Currents

So much on this planet depends on a simple matter of density. In the Atlantic Ocean, a conveyor belt of warm water heads north...

You Need to Update to Apple iOS 16.4 for More Than a Goose Emoji

Multiple big tech firms issued crucial security patches in March to fix major holes being used in real-life attacks. Microsoft’s March Patch Tuesday was...

Why Watch Content on Your Phone When You Can Watch It on Your TV?

Back when smartphones were still a new thing and HDTVs were a lot less smart–oh, about 10 years ago–putting what was on your phone’s...

What the New iOS Features Mean for You and Your Privacy

Apple has been sprucing up its mobile operating system, bolstering privacy and safety features and sprinkling in some new emoji to boot. But while...

All the Ways to Slow a Car (Even Some Bad Ways)

Why do cars have brake lights on the rear of the vehicle? They are there so that when a car slows down, the drivers...


If Tech Fails to Design for the Most Vulnerable, It Fails Us All

What do Russian protesters have in common with Twitter users freaked out about Elon Musk reading their DMs and people worried about the criminalization...

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