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Grab These Lightning Deals in the Final Hours of Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is almost over, to the disappointment of some and the relief of others. But CEO Jeffrey Bezos is not going out quietly into that good night. These are the last flurry of Lightning Deals that have caught our attention. 

Updated on July 12: We've added deals on Airtags, a mechanical watch, a squirt gun, a hammock and an SSD.

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TMY Portable Mini Movie Projector for $66 ($15 off)Amazon

I have an earlier version of this projector. Although this one promises an upgraded 9,500 lumens for up to 100 inches, we have other picks that will work much, much better. But for $65, this is a serviceable way to enjoy a movie in the backyard a few times a year without having to keep another screen around. Think of it as a backup, or a backup to your backup.

Amazon Rechargeable AA Batteries for $13 ($10 off) Amazon

You need batteries—if not today, then tomorrow or the next day. Amazon Basics batteries are basically a buck a battery right now. When you're ready to step up your game, check out our Best Portable Chargers guide. 

Apple Watch Series 8 for $310 ($49 off) Amazon

We've been flogging this one hard because it's our favorite Apple Watch for most people, and at $310 it's more than $100 off. Would you like to know your resting heart rate while seated in a chair managing a stressful situation? This watch will tell you! If you're going to be stressed for an extra long time, though, look for an Ultra to get better battery life. My Ultra can make it 20 hours!

Amazon Basics 2-Ply Paper Towels for $14 ($9 off)Amazon

This is a recommendation from my brother-in-law who grabbed this deal yesterday, and has been helpfully offering commentary on WIRED throughout Prime Day. As he points out, you are going to need paper towels, so you might as well buy them cheap on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for $650 ($550 off)Amazon

This is last year’s model, but we raved about it when it dropped last year, with reviews editor Julian Chokkattu (9/10, WIRED Recommends). They’re solid and versatile, if extremely large. It’s now over half off.

AirPods (2nd Generation) for $90 ($15 off)Amazon

Apple’s AirPods are essentially disposable, which is, obviously, bad. However, it’s less bad when you can get them for $90.

Apple AirTags (4-Pack) for $88 ($11 off)Amazon

True story: I recently arrived in my hotel room to find that my keys had slipped out of an undiscovered hole in my shorts some thousand miles from my home, after having walked around for a few miles next to a large river. I got very lucky and found them in the parking lot, then immediately ordered my first AirTag. Do you know about these things? You can put them on your keys and then toss those keys directly into the Mississippi River and find them! (I think?) Anyway, you can get four of these bad boys for $22 right now. I was so relieved I bought the official Apple brand leather holder in a bright color. (Not on sale. Buy it anyway.)

Samsung T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive for $75 ($75 off)Amazon

Speaking of things to help you avoid losing things you simply cannot lose, this 1-terabyte solid state SSD is water resistant and half off right now.

Skagen Grenen for $49 ($76 off)Amazon

I ran this lightening deal on a Japanese quartz watch from a reputable maker by Watch Guy and associate reviews editor Parker Hall and he said it's a nice one. If you had the watch already, you could measure how many ticks you have to claim it before it's gone which is probably not that many.

Wise Owl Hammock for $25 ($17 off)—Click CouponAmazon

There are better hammocks than Wise Owl (namely, Eno) but owning one of these I can confirm that it's a good way to spend $25, especially if you are at any level of risk of a rogue squirrel chewing on your expensive Eno and ruining it. It happens more than you might think! The Eno is also a few bucks on sale. I am including a link to it because we already have a photo of it.

Spyra LX $71 ($18 off)Amazon

The Spyra LX is still a very expensive squirt gun at your Prime Day price of $71. However, that's the lowest in the last month and less than I paid for the best squirt gun I have ever owned. If you want the fully auto Spyra Three it's $143, likewise a very lower price.

Egofit Walker Pro M1 for $319 ($80 off)Amazon

I have lofty intentions of using my apartment complex’s gym, but it’s never happened in the year I’ve lived here. Solution? A mini treadmill. This one fits under a standing desk, and the sale means it’s truly time to run, not walk.

Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam AI for $150 ($50 off)Amazon

Feed the birds, and your soul, if your soul is craving adorable bird videos. Which, in my professional opinion, it should be. This bird feeder (6/10, WIRED Review) will look great in your yard, holds 50 ounces of seeds, and can even identify some bird species so you can learn about your little visitors.

Ninja Air Fryer XL for $90 ($70 off)Amazon

If you don't have an air fryer yet, stop lying to yourself: you want one. This Ninja air fryer is similar to one of our favorites, and can do an insane amount of tricks. Stop missing out and start air frying.\

Soundcore by Anker Space A40 for $50 ($30 off)Amazon

We like Anker's earbuds generally, with our reviewer praising the Anker’s Soundcore Space A40 for "performance, features, and design that makes them feel more like flagships than budget buds."  (8/10, WIRED Recommends). We've put this model on our list as the best budget buds at $80, and here they are on a lightning deal for $50.

BaoFeng UV-5R for $34 ($6 off) Amazon

So, if you spend time in the backcountry, you know that regular walkie-talkies are not great at communicating for several miles, especially over hills. These bad boys will cover you for five miles, which makes them wildly popular with off-roaders and certain snow sports enthusiasts. Technically, you are required to have a HAM license to operate these and no one at WIRED or its corporate parent would ever encourage you to use them without training and documentation. However, it's also true that we don't know anyone who's been hassled over this by the authorities. They're cheap, and in an emergency, they could save your life.

Play-Doh Slime 30 Can Pack for $7 ($20 off)Amazon

This is so much slime for seven bucks. For my 8-year-old daughter, this could be as much as a month's worth.

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