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The Dyson Corrale, the Best Luxury Hair Straightener, Is On Sale for Prime Day

dyson makes some of the best hair tools out there. But they're expensive and very rarely go on sale. But thanks to Prime Day, the Dyson Corrale is currently $100 off, bringing the cost down to $400. We know that's still a lot for a flat iron, but it's at one of the lowest prices we've seen. It's also our favorite luxury hair straightener—with its flexing plates, cordless design, low heat settings, and more. 

Not interested in Dyson's straightener? We also found great deals on a few other hair tools we love.

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Why We Love the Dyson CorraleDyson Corrale Hair Straightener for $400 ($100 off)AmazonBest Buy

I've been using the Dyson Corrale (8/10, WIRED Recommends) on my hair for the past three years and refuse to use any other flat iron ever again. My hair looked and felt healthier after using it only a few times. 

Unlike traditional hair straighteners, the Corrale has flexing plates that curve around your hair for even heat distribution. It also means fewer passes over the same strands of hair, helping to reduce head damage. It has only three temperature settings too—330 degrees, 365 degrees, and 410 degrees—which keeps me from cranking it up to the whopping 450 degrees I typically set my flat irons to. It also doubles as a curling iron. It doesn't give me corkscrew curls, but loose, beach waves that look effortless. 

My only gripe—aside from the high price tag—is its short battery life. You'll likely get about 30 minutes on a full charge. It's enough time to straighten my hair, but I always have to plug it back in to charge before using it as a curler.

More Great Hair Tool DealsShark HyperAir Blow Dryer Sleek Bundle for $160 ($70 off)Amazon

The HyperAir has the most unique set of attachments we've seen on a hair dryer. The brush attachment turns it into a blow-dry brush (which you can rotate with a button), the air concentrator with a nozzle shrinks and expands depending on how you're styling, and the diffuser with prongs can be lengthened and shortened for different hair lengths. This deal is for the sleek bundle, which comes with an air concentrator and styling brush.

T3 AireLuxe Blow Dryer for $140 ($60 off)Amazon

This hair dryer feels super effortless to use because of its lightweight, plastic design. It also comes with multiple speed and heat settings. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a diffuser. So, we don't recommend it for anyone looking to diffuse their curls while blow-drying their hair.

GHD Curve Classic Curling Iron for $154 ($51 off)Amazon

We love GHD's Curve Classic Curling Iron for long-lasting curls. The 1-inch ceramic barrel is small enough for short hair and large enough for longer, thicker hair. It also has a clamp and easy-to-use handle that helps keep the hair in place as you twist the barrel. The tip is tapered too, which helps you know how close you are to the hot metal while curling your hair.

RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer for $350 ($50 off)AmazonBest Buy

The RevAir (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is currently one of our favorite hair tools. We've found it works great with curly hair that feels impossible or irritating to style, drying and straightening it quickly. It uses less heat than flat irons too.

Aesty Cordless Flat Iron for $279 ($35 off)Amazon

This received an honorable mention in our guide to the Best Hair Straighteners, mainly because it's so expensive. It is, however, cheaper than the Dyson if you're looking for a cordless flat iron. WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano found it to be similar to the Corrale too—it has the same bulk and weight and it straightened her hair nicely. It's also rarely on sale and this is the lowest price we've tracked, yet.

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