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The Best Labor Day Mattress and Sheet Deals

Labor Day is almost here and mattress companies have kicked off their sales. Our advice for buying a mattress is to never pay full price, and always look at deals with caution. Sale prices are usually the real MSRP in disguise. We keep track of prices throughout the year and have highlighted the deals that are actually good. All prices are for queen sizes.

Updated September 3, 2023: We've added deals from Brooklyn Bedding and Keetsa, plus one mattress topper from My Green Mattress. We've also added a new section for deals on our favorite sheets and updated prices throughout.

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Best Mattress Deals

Read our Best Mattresses and Best Organic Mattresses guide for more.

★ Top Pick: Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress for $1,780 ($594 off)—Use Code LDS25Helix

Enter code LDS25 at checkout to get this discount and two free pillows. This isn't an uncommon sale price, but it has dipped since we checked last week. The Helix Midnight Luxe is our top pick overall. With this pricey bed, you'll get six layers of foam and individually wrapped inner springs, making it more than 13 inches high. It's medium-firm and comfortable for almost all sleeping positions. There are other firmness levels within the Luxe collection that we didn't try.

Helix Elite Mattress for $2,812 ($937 off)—Use Code LDS25Helix

Enter code LDS25 at checkout to get this discount along with two free pillows. This model from Helix is new to our guide, so we haven't been tracking it as long. The current sale price is less than it cost last week, however, it's still about $230 more than we saw during Prime Day. WIRED's mattress tester Martin Cizmar has been sleeping on the soft Sunset model, but there are several firmness options to choose from depending on your needs. They're 16 inches thick and come in two big, heavy boxes—the two pieces zip together to form one bed.

Allswell Supreme Hybrid Mattress for $497 ($190 off)WalmartAllswell ($515 w/ code)

Unlike most mattresses, this already-cheap hybrid went down in price since we first tried it, but it's still as luxe and comfy as $2,000 mattresses. Technically it is $282 off from Walmart, but the base price has dropped to $687 on Allswell's website, which is lower than Walmart's $779 price—if you purchase it directly from Allswell, it's discounted to $515 ($172 off) with code BIGDEAL25.

Allswell Hybrid Mattress for $253 ($84 off)—Use Code BIGDEAL25Allswell

Use code BIGDEAL25 to get this discount. The Allswell Hybrid is the best super cheap mattress we tried. It dropped to $247 for a few weeks in August, but this is still a solid price. It feels much more expensive than it is, beating out other super cheap beds we tried like the popular Zinus. It's medium-firm and the top layer of gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool. You might be fine on it every night, but our tester recommended it as a guest room bed. If you can spend a little bit more, the Allswell Luxe for $399 is even comfier (it's cheaper from Walmart even not on sale).

My Green Mattress Kiwi Children's (Twin) Hybrid Mattress for $679 ($120 off)—Use Code USAMADEMyGreenMattress

Enter code USAMADE at checkout to get this discount. This isn't the cheapest we've seen, but it's a rare sale. It's our recommendation for a kid's organic mattress, made using certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. This price is for the twin size.

Birch Luxe Natural Hybrid Mattress for $2,437 ($812 off)—Use Code LDS25Birch

Enter code LDS25 at checkout for this discount and two free pillows. This mattress is a new pick in our guide and it's even cheaper now than when the sale first started. If you want an organic mattress, it's a good upgrade and a higher-end version of the standard model we recommend in our organic mattress guide. It's comfy, and the medium-firm feel is great for most sleeping styles. It's topped with a layer of blended cashmere for regulating temperature. The Birch Luxe is GOTS-certified organic and uses natural latex with no polyurethane-based foams.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress for $1,276 ($319 off)Tuft & Needle

This is the typical sale price we see, so it's not a bad buy. However, it dropped to $1,117 during Prime Day. The Mint Mattress is our pick for pressure relief. You'll sink into it more than any other medium-firm foam beds, but it's still supportive and cool. The top foam layer springs back into shape once you're out of it, so you shouldn't come home to a Pyscho-esque indent.

Keetsa All-Foam Tea Leaf Supreme for $1,512 ($378 off)

This discount is automatically added in your cart. The Keetsa is an honorable mention, and while we saw it for lower last Labor Day, this matches other sale prices we saw this year. It's also not discounted year-round like most of the others. Our tester said this bed is on the soft side, but he slept perfectly fine on his side. It has three layers of foam and a thin top layer that's made from recycled materials.

Molecule Hybrid Mattress for $1,234 ($665 off)—Use CODE LD2023Molecule

Enter code LD2023 at checkout to get this discount and two free pillows. Molecule's Hybrid Mattress is one of our honorable mentions. Unlike a lot of the mattresses we've tried, it's not usually on a forever sale. This discount matches what we saw during Prime Day. It's a comfortable hybrid bed, but it's seriously lacking in edge support.

My Green Mattress Organic Latex Topper for $254 ($45 off)—Use Code USAMADEMy Green Mattress

Enter code USAMADE to see the sale price, which is the cheapest we've tracked. If you already have a bed that just needs a bit of a refresh, consider adding a topper to save a few thousand bucks. This one is firm but still comfortable. WIRED writer Scott Gilbertson said while sleeping on his stomach or back, he doesn't feel his actual mattress at all, and just barely does when on his side. It's made of certified organic latex wrapped in an organic cotton cover. There are no straps to hold it to your bed, but Scott said it stayed in place.

These Deals Are OK

The below mattresses are discounted, but they're either not as good as they claim or we've tracked them going even lower.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress for $799 ($100 off)DreamCloud

DreamCloud is one of our honorable mentions, and our tester says it was comparable to the comfort of the Helix Midnight Luxe. This price is affordable in the mattress world, but the sale isn't quite as large as it seems. Every time we've tracked it, we see it either for $899 or $799. It also dipped lower this past weekend, so if you can keep an eye on it, you might save more soon. Still, it's a good price if you want to buy it right now.

Casper Hybrid Mattress for $1,187 ($308 off)AmazonCasper ($1,196)

This is technically a sale, and it does reach its $1,495 list price, but it's frequently $1,196 on Amazon. Still, this is the hybrid mattress you should buy if you simply don't know what to get. It's as default as you can get, with a good balance between soft and supportive. For a brand that basically put bed-in-a-box mattresses on the map, it's a nice price. The Casper Original Standard Foam Mattress is also discounted to $1,036 ($259 off). We prefer the hybrid, but this is a classic all-foam option. Like the hybrid, this is a sale, but it does reach this price often both from Casper directly and Amazon.

Bear Original Foam Mattress for $649 ($349 off)—Use Code LDAYBear

Enter code LDAY at checkout to get this discount plus two free pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector. Bear's foam mattress is a new addition to our guide, so we haven't had much time to track the price. However, we've seen it dip this low before. We'll continue to track it, but this is not expensive for a bed we really liked. It's firm, but there's also a pleasant hug-like feeling when you sink into the first layer. 

The Purple Foam Mattress for $1,199 ($200 off)Purple

We saw this mattress for $200 less last week. If you can wait, you may be able to save a little more, but this is the typical sale price we see. If you've ever looked up mattresses, you probably have seen Purple. This one isn't a hybrid, but it has a comfortable, Jell-O-like cool feeling thanks to the brand's signature silicone grid. Purple does have hybrids, but we haven't tested them.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Innerspring Mattress for $1,199 ($100 off)Serta

This innerspring mattress is new to our guide, and something to consider if you're sick of all-foam mattresses that come in a box. We tried the version with Ultimate support and a Plush Pillow Top, which is more expensive than the base offerings that you see when you first enter the product page. We found that combination to have an excellent balance of softness and support. This won't come in a box, so you'll need to schedule delivery by truck, but thankfully, this modern innerspring doesn't also require a box spring. 

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress for $999 ($100 off)Awara

Though technically the Awara is priced at $1,399, it's almost always $1,099 so this price is $100 off and matches what we saw during Prime Day. This is our affordable organic mattress choice and it's made from from latex foam and organic wool. It's supportive and bouncy, with little motion transfer, but we could feel the springs a bit more than the other mattresses we tried.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress for $932 ($67 off)Brooklyn BeddingAmazon

This bed is typically $999 directly from Brooklyn Bedding and Amazon, so like the Leesa below, this is a measly deal. We've seen it dip even lower on Amazon, so if you can wait you may get a better deal.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress for $1,648 ($51 off)Amazon

Our runner-up mattress is priced higher on Leesa's website, but it's typically $1,699 on Amazon year-round. This isn't the best deal ever, and it was cheaper at the beginning of August, so you'll likely be able to save more if you wait, but still, we found that it was cool, cozy, and soft, yet firm enough to relieve some pressure while we fell asleep.

These Mattresses Are Not Actually On Sale

You can't trust mattress brands and their sales tactics. If something is always on sale then it's not really a sale, is it? That's why we track prices to see what's even more discounted than usual. These beds are all good options and top recommendations in our guides, but they aren't actually discounted any more than we usually see.

Avocado Green Organic Hybrid Mattress for $1,799 (With Code Labor Day): Avocado has a forever 10 percent off sale, but this is our top organic mattress pick and the only one WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson was able to agree with his wife on. Despite him liking firmer beds and her preferring softer ones, this was both without being too much of either. We also like the brand's mattress topper.The WinkBed Hybrid Mattress for $1,499: We haven't ever seen the WinkBed actually reach its $1,799 list price. It's a good bed if you aren't sure what you need, with fantastic edge support. It's relatively firm, but there's an added plush pillow top.Nectar Memory Foam Mattress for $699: Though the price jumped up to $799 for a moment on Amazon, this mattress is almost always $699. Nectar is a classic, comfortable memory foam mattress that's great for side sleeping.Saatva Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress for $2,945: The Zenhaven is a new pick for us, so we haven't tracked it for very long, but it was actually cheaper at the beginning of August. This mattress has one side that's plush, and the other that's firm. We noticed a difference, but not as much as having separate dedicated soft and firm beds. Deals On Our Favorite Sheets

Read our new sheets buying guide for more options. Like the mattresses, the below prices are for queen-size sheet sets.

Brooklinen Washed Linen Core Sheet Set for $191 ($60 off)Brooklinen

Brooklinen makes our best-of list three times, including with our favorite linen sheets. I didn't think I could ever sleep on linen, because even a slight hair brushing against my arm makes me feel like my skin is crawling when I'm trying to get comfortable in bed. But once I relaxed, the itchiness went away and I slept extremely cool during a Texas summer.

Avocado Organic Linen Sheet Set for $399 ($100 off)Avocado

If you're buying one of our favorite organic mattresses, it's a good idea to go the organic sheet route too. While Avocado mattresses have a forever 10 percent off “sale,” the brand's sheets are actually discounted right now. Just be aware these are some of the heaviest sheets our organic bedding tester, Scott Gilbertson tried.

Brooklinen Organic Cotton Core Sheet Set for $183 ($46 off)Brooklinen

These ones top our list because they're soft but not overly silky, and crisp, but not so tight that you end up sleeping hot. They are made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they're tested for and do not contain any known toxic chemicals. 

Avocado Organic Cotton Sheet Set for $183 ($116)Avocado

These cotton sheets are silkier than Brooklinens, which you will either like or dislike. Their dense weave means you'll sleep a little warmer, too. This price is for the 600-thread count set, but there is also a 400-thread count version for cheaper, but we haven't tried them.

The Company Store Legends Hotel Velvet Flannel Sheet Set for $143 ($36 off)—Usse Code LDW23The Company Store

Enter code LDW23 at checkout to get this discount on our favorite flannel sheets. If you want to cozy up and stay warm during the winter, these deliver. They're a little stiff to lay on at first, but soften up with each wash and they were actually the softest to the touch of all the flannels we tried.

JCPenney Wrinkle Guard Sateen Sheet Set for $63 ($27 off)—Use Code LABORDAYJCPenny

Use code LABORDAY for this discount. We're not sure if these actually reach the $140 list price, as they've been $90 for the entire time we were working on our sheet guide. Still, these are our favorite sateen sheets and some of the cheapest overall that we tried even at $90. They're soft, cool, and silky and they almost identically match the feel of Brooklinen's set below, but are significantly less.

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set for $151 ($38 off)Brooklinen

The JCPenny sateen sheets above are just as nice to sleep in but much less. However, if you're a Brooklinen fanatic, these ones are a touch silkier thanks to the higher thread count.

Buffy Breeze Eucalyptus Sheet Set for $140 ($35 off)Buffy

In my testing, these were my husband's favorite sheets. He didn't wake up sweaty or uncomfortable, but you still feel warm and cozy when you're tucked into them. The only annoying part is that they constantly slide up the side of my mattress, so you may need to add sheet straps if you have a particularly thick mattress. The fabric here is Tencel lyocell, which is made from sustainable wood sources—in this case, eucalyptus—and it’s biodegradable.

Lilysilk 19 Momme Silk Sheet Set for $449 ($79 off)Lilysilk

Real silk sheets are expensive, but they're also soft and cool all night while you sleep. If you opt for the entire set, this anniversary sale will get you 15 percent off. I tried just the fitted sheet paired with my favorite percale top sheet and I still felt the luxury. Individual pieces aren't discounted under $350 but if you already have silk or satin pillowcases you love, you can get a fitted and a flat sheet for $386 with the buy one get one 25 percent off sale. No matter what you do, it isn't cheap but if you know you love silk, these ones are great.

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