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Atlas Coffee Club's Prime Day Deal Cuts the Price In Half

If there's one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that a good cup of joe is a great way to start the day off right—a glass mug half full, if you will. What makes a good cup of coffee, however, is up to your taste buds. The best first step? Upgrading to freshly roasted beans. Atlas Coffee Club is one of our favorite coffee subscription services, and if you’ve never subscribed before, its Amazon Prime Day deal nets you 50 percent off through July 14

Atlas ships coffee from a new country every month, and you can choose your preferred roast type, whole beans or ground, how many bags you want, and how often. (More on why we like Atlas below.) The standard 12-ounce bag, which equals roughly 30 cups, is usually $14, but the Prime Day promotion cuts that down to a mere $7 for new subscribers. (Note: The price will go back up to $14 after the first shipment.) 

Get 50 Percent Off Your First Atlas Coffee Club Subscription + Free ShippingAtlas Coffee Club

On Prime Day itself (July 12 and 13), Atlas Coffee Club has two other deals that will go live. Its four-pack World of Coffee Sampler will be 20 percent off, effectively costing $20 ($5 off), with free shipping. The set includes four 1.8-ounce bags of specialty coffee from different countries, plus unique postcards with tasting notes. Atlas also recently launched a tea subscription service, and its four-pack World of Tea Sampler will be 30 percent off, costing $18 ($7 off), plus free shipping. It similarly includes four 15-gram pouches of loose-leaf tea from different countries, as well as unique postcards. We have yet to try its tea service, but it’s well-reviewed around the web.

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Why We Like Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club collects single-origin beans from more than 50 countries and roasts them itself in Austin, Texas, before shipping them to your door. That means your coffee is incredibly fresh, which is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the quality of your coffee. Its coffee bags are pretty and themed around the country of origin, plus you’ll get a postcard about the country and another explaining the coffee’s tasting notes and the best way to brew it. You can choose between whole bean and ground, light-to-medium or medium-to-dark roasts—or both—one or two bags, or even half-bags, and whether you’d like them delivered every two or four weeks.

All coffee subscriptions help you discover new brews and pinpoint your favorite notes, but Atlas makes it simple to see what’s happening far beyond your local Starbucks, from places like Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and Honduras. Given the range, you might get a bag you don’t love as much as the last, but we haven’t gotten one we strongly disliked in our years of testing.

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