national cyber crime reporting portal

The minister stated that I4C is a 7 sampling strategy to fight cyber crime.

“I4C is a 7 sampling strategy to fight cyber crime Including cyber Crime reporting portalsite, investigation of risks, capacity building, innovation and research, creating an ecosystem for both cyber crime direction and concerted cyber crime evaluation stage for law enforcement agencies,” he said.

“The state-of-the-art Centre is situated in New Delhi. The strategy to setup I4C has been approved at October 2018 in an estimated cost of Rs. 415.86 crore, to take care of all sorts of cybercrimes at a coordinated and comprehensive fashion,” an official release said.

15 states and union territories also have given their approval to install Regional Cyber Crime Coordination Centres.

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal ( is a citizen-centric initiative which will make it possible for taxpayers to report cyber crimes on the internet through the portal site.

“Each of the cyber crime related

The ministry stated that over 700 police districts and More than 3,900 police stations are linked with the portal site up to now.

“After successful conclusion, this portal site can enhance the Ability of these law enforcement agencies to look into the cases and will enhance success . This portal site also concentrates on particular offenses like fiscal crime and social networking associated offenses like stalking, cyber warfare, and so forth,” the release stated.

MHA Stated This portal will enhance coordination among the law enforcement Agencies of various States, districts and authorities stations for coping With cyber offenses at a coordinated and efficient way.